What we do?

For Industry Employees

  • Job opportunities
  • Recruiting in R & D projects
  • Improving skills of industry crew
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Integration of  global young professional perspectives to the industry
  • To know more about the industrial challenges and find the ways to solve them.

For Managers

  • Recruit fresh and educated employees
  • Find suitable partners for industry through joint venture, etc opportunities
  • Consulting in different aspects of petroleum industry
  • Bridging geopolitical boundaries to foster new relationships
  • Fostering leadership skills today to serve the future of the industry
  • Bridge between governmental and Private organizations

For Students

  • Job opportunities
  • Training & Workshop
  • Prepare students to be ready for industrial activities.
  • Make opportunities for members to participate in international events

IOI WPC YC Partnerships

What is said about us?

With the efforts of local experts, oil as a national asset -as we moved from past generations to the present generation- with preserving production, while supplying the welfare and national authority, should be left for future generations.

Dr. M.A, Emadi